Do better work, feel better doing it.

University Material provides workbooks for purchase, and free protocols, methods, tips, and tricks for learning. This project is aimed to support students in university, college, and other study situations. Learn to do better work, and feel better doing it.

Our paper notebooks can help you focus, work calmly, and produce stronger work. The Cornell Notebook, for example, is a trusted protocol for lectures and readings:

cornell notebook cover

This site is run by Joshua Thorpe, an academic advisor at Scotland’s University of Stirling. I aim to get you quick solutions to common issues such as time management and productivity, taking notes and studying for exams, planning projects, reading, writing, and doing oral presentations and designing slides.

Most of what’s here is free. You can use the ideas straight away. There is the option to make small purchases of templates and tools, or to hire Joshua for tutorials, workshops, or consultations at your institution. You can also simply leave a tip if you feel this site has helped you. That would be very sweet!

I started University Material to be a more efficient, action-oriented, visual, and calm alternative to traditional academic support resource sites. The site is also designed to help people focus on one thing at a time. To this end, it uses principles of accessible design, “cognitive hygiene,” and inclusive communication. The hope is that this will be a calm and yet effective space for students to come for a bit of support. And we want to be a resource for all students, including mature, working, neurodiverse, SpLDs, international, English as another language…you get the picture!

Click around and see what you find. I hope you discover something really helpful.

-Joshua Thorpe